Robert Vogel

For all the world traveling Robert Vogel has done in his lifetime, throughout Europe, South America and Northern Africa, the Eastern Sierra is the place he finds the most inspiration, spending a significant amount of time between Bishop, Mammoth and June Lake. Born in Pasadena, Robert studied architecture and fine art at USC.

Robert Vogel, Carson Peak

Robert Vogel, Carson Peak

In the 1960s, Robert made his first trip to Mammoth with his family, to ski, traveling up 395 in the midst of a snowstorm. After high school, he attended USC School of Architecture and Fine Art. He spent two summers in Europe, with a backpack and sketchbook, visiting most of the significant art galleries and buildings, including the Prado and Louvre which made deep impressions. In Morocco, he traveled through the towns of Fez, Casablanca, Tangier, and Marrakesh, then spent a couple of months in Spain where he lived with a family in Madrid. 

Upon returning to L.A., he worked briefly at Paramount recording studios in Hollywood, then moved to Mammoth Lakes, where people began asking him to do plans for them, remodeling and additions, then finally house design. He rented a small office and worked in architectural design for 7 years, from 1977 to 1985. On Sundays, he was DJ for the classical show on KMMT. He left Mammoth to study classical guitar, composing and arranging at the Dick Grove School of Music in Studio City, California. Robert continued his travels, eventually meeting his wife in South America.

His paintings, many of familiar scenes, capture the dramatic palette and changing light of the Eastern Sierra.

“I have been privileged to be able to paint with Scott Garland, Jason Situ, Jennifer McChristian, Mian Situ, Jeremy Lipking, Frank Serrano, Matt Smith, and Jim Wilcox, among others, whom I also count as my friends and mentors.” 

“Spring begins as a slow thaw, and sometimes winter doesn’t seem to want to let go. . .”

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